Bongo is the best

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We are the most passionate way to experience the La Manga party. We are a club with terrace really special, in which fun, quality and good music come together in perfect harmony. We love to have fun and above all make it better for you.

Hooligans and a bit scoundrel but without ever losing style, elegance and quality. 

Many years of work and the continuous search to improve each season have made us a benchmark for everyone who visits La Manga and of course for the local public.

A place to have a really good time

Open by season and special dates

From Spring to Autumn. Check opening dates.

Our seasons begin continuously in Spring and end in Autumn, although the rest of the year, if the public requests it, we open on special dates.  

Three moments of day

Bongo Afternoons, these are more relaxed moments, perfect for having a good cocktail or a good drink on our beautiful terrace. A quiet atmosphere accompanied by good music and professional service. 

A first hour of the night the thing is calmer. It is the best time to have a good drink, chat, smoke a hookah and enjoy a good atmosphere with the best music. Party but a little quieter.

A second hour of the night This raises the rhythm, we bring out our most hooligan part and the dance floor turns into a great party. Full of fun although we always have spaces to have a drink and take a break from dancing.

Everything you like


In Bongo La Manga we know what we do, we know what you like and year after year you repeat with us. 

Our only goal is to make you have a good time, never get bored, always leave with a big smile and make beautiful memories with us. 

We love to invent, do new things, bring the latest,  give you the best to make your visit an experience.


Through our cabin they pass the best deejays of the moment, those who know how to make you dance, jump and have fun. They put the best soundtrack to your nights every day.

In our place you can listen to everything, because every moment has its music. Reggaeton, House, Pop, Indie, Funky,..

Golfa session

The hall's flagship party, the well-known Golfa Session, and its name says it all. The most hooligan, crazy and fun party you can experience in La MangaVery rogue nights where anything can happen. In the cockpit the best, in the bars the best, in the reserved the best and on the track the best. It is a real madness. 

Reserved and Bottles

We love that you are at your own pace and that is why Bongo La Manga has numerous reserved spaces for you to have a good time with your loved ones. Here you can buy the best quality champagnes and bottles for you to enjoy and of course an exclusive service will attend you at all times.

Theme parties

Every day something happens in our room and each day has a different name and style so that you all have your day. From costume parties to salsa night. Parties with the best Funky. And R & b and / or techno parties. Mojito nights and even monologue nights. 


At Bongo La Manga we have the best catering and hookah service. The best hookahs, a wide variety of flavors from the leading brands and the best qualified staff to make your afternoon / night perfect. 

Every season we renew our events, menus, schedules and services to always be up to date. So every year you will have to be attentive to all the news so as not to miss anything. 

Fun and Joy

We love to have fun and enjoy each and every day of the season. We love that you have a great time with us and it seems that we achieve it year after year.

Here we leave you a selection of videos and aftermovies of our youtube channel of days to give you a better idea of ​​what Bongo La Manga is.


And in one of the best places in La Manga you cannot miss the best drinks, champagnes and cocktails.

The perfect option for the afternoon / evening while you enjoy the atmosphere and the energy that our place gives off.

And for those who want to be on their own, we have Bottles of the best drinks and champagnes.