A spectacular space facing the sea with a careful design and an elegant, relaxed atmosphere, with a beautiful terrace and cozy corners where you can enjoy a gastronomic offer whose objective is to provide your palate with purity, flavor and simplicity

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We are characterized by the exquisite care of the fresh and quality product and of course the location where the breeze, the smell and the beauty of the Mediterranean can be felt. A beautiful place to enjoy a gastronomic offer full of passion, professionalism and delicacy. 

In a very short time we have managed to make a place among the best restaurants of reference in La Manga thanks to the dedication and the great team of professionals that are part of this very special place.

Open every day of the year

Lunches, Meals, Afternoon and Dinners

Every day of the year enjoy everything Marea Grill La Manga offers

We are lucky to be in paradise in Manga del Mar Menor always has good weather. Every day of the year you can enjoy the sun, the sea and good food with us,

Five moments of day

We start with the best aperitif,at the sea's shore. Good views and delicious little things on the table. Tapas for all tastes and of course don't forget to accompany them with a good glass of wine. 

Eating by the sea, feeling the Mediterranean is something wonderful. Enjoy the best Meats, Fish, "Espetos", Seafood, Rice, Pasta ...  

Marea's afternoons música, cocktails y copas. A good combination to continue enjoying and have a good time with yours. A good quality afternoon on the shores of the Mediterranean.

After enjoying a beautiful sunset, we continue with the dinner service. You can taste a wide variety of dishes. Quality dinners, with style and the ones you like. 

In Marea we do not forgive. This is so beautiful and the atmosphere is so good that after dinner we love that you stay for a few drinks. A little joy never hurts.

Mediterranean flavors and aromas

portada gastro

In Marea you can find a great gastronomic offer inspired by Mediterranean aromas and flavors. Rice, grilled meats, skewers, seafood, fried foods, fish, salads...

Quality dishes made with first-class products and made with the particular style of our chefs.

Y por supuestos una amplia selección de vinos, champagnes y cavas. A gastronomic offer that will awaken your 5 senses.

Fish "Espetos"

Authentic Espeto from the south of Spain made on the grill. Taste of the Mediterranean Sea, joy, tradition and innovation. With the best and freshest fish such as Sea Bass, Dorada, Corvina, Sardines and even Octopus and Squid. 

Grilled Meat

We are specialists in Grilled Meats. First-class products, the best cuts and made with the embers at the point that you like and with that aroma and flavor that only we know how to give it. Steak, Entrecote, Sirloin, Feather, Secret, ... 


Rice dishes with personality and style. We only have three types right now but with that we have plenty so that when you think of eating a good rice in front of the sea, you think of Marea Grill La Manga. Marinero Rice, Lobster Stew and Iberian Secret Rice. 


The best of the best and if they are spectacular it is said without fear. Our extensive menu of tapas and starters are of quality. Made with first-class products and with all the love in the world by our team of chefs. And that shows.


We love the touch that our pastas give to your meals and dinners. Elegant, elaborate pasta with an authentic taste of the Italian coast. Parpadelle and Raviolis. A slight touch of freshness to a very interesting gastronomic offer.

We assure you that we will activate the five senses as very few restaurants have achieved. A varied menu, with a lot of style and personality for lunch and dinner in a charming place.

Our wines

For everything to be perfect, the best wines cannot be missing. We have a wide selection of the best wines. Our sommelier will help you find and choose the best option to pair your meat, fish, seafood, tapas ... of course, according to your tastes. 

Fun and Joy

And if you want to know what Marea Grill La Manga is like, it is best to take a look at the videos that we leave you below. A selection of some of our videos that you can find in our youtube channelEstá bien verlo en fotos pero siempre es mejor verlo en vídeo.


We love that after a delicious lunch / dinner you stay with us to have some good cocktails and put the perfect finishing touch on a nice plan.

The perfect option for the afternoon / evening while you enjoy the atmosphere and the energy that our place gives off.

And for those who want to be on their own, we have Bottles of the best drinks and champagnes.