We love the sea, the beach, the sun, food delicious, drink well and have a better time. We are a place with personality, soul and quality.

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We are characterized by the good vibes that the place, the team and the environment give off. Always taking care of the product, the service and the details so that those who visit us wear a smile and visit us again.

Joy, affection and laughter accompany a wide and quality gastronomic environment.

Many years of work, dedication and position have made us a reference for everyone who visits La Manga and of course for the local public.

365 days a year of good food and good vibes

Every day from morning to night

We are open every day of the year and in all seasons Surfing has a special charm





We are lucky to be in paradise in Manga del Mar Menor always has good weather. Every day of the year you can enjoy the sun, the sea and good food with us,

Six moments of day

Breakfast by the seaside, whatever the month is always beautiful. Healthy and tasty breakfasts, without stress and feeling the breeze and the smell of the sea, next to the majestic Cabo de Palos Lighthouse.

Good snacks and good views is what we offer you at the time of the aperitif. Good wines, cold beer, vermouth and preparations to accompany delicious tapas and dishes. An experience and a delight.

You will not find a better place to eat. Sea views, incredible dishes, professionalism and a unique atmosphere. Peace, tranquility and a lot of joy so that you can taste what you want the most.

Afternoons in Surfing are Drinks&Music. We raise the rhythm a little bit and bet on quality cocktails, champagnes, bottles and glasses accompanied by the best sessions of our deejays.  

Magic afternoons that that plain your soul and rechargue you of positivity and energyBeauty to see the last rays of the sun in front of the sea and how the sky is painted in colors.

And for finish the day dinners under a starry sky that meets the brightness and aromas of the sea. Dishes to lick your fingers and enjoy before having a few drinks and / or cocktails. 

Mediterranean flavors and aromas

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Surfing has a wide gastronomic offer with Mediterranean flavors and aromas. Rice, meat, seafood, fried foods, fish, salads, desserts, pizzas, hamburger tapas...

Dishes made with top quality products that will make you smile.

And the best wines, champagnes and cavas. A gastronomic offer that will awaken your 5 senses.


In Surfing you can taste a a wide rices varietyRice at the point and to your taste, with top quality products and above all made with all the love in the world. Eating a good rice by the sea is always a good idea.


All kinds of Fresh Seasonal Fish made with traditional recipes and others of our own. Sea flavour while enjoying beautiful views and feel the Mediterranean breeze. The best of the best. And as we always say, from sea to plate del mar a tu plato. Don't forget to try our "espetos"


We will put at your disposal the best seafood obtained in the fish markets. Fresh and with all the flavor and of course made with all the care for you to enjoy. Everything you like. Clams, Mussels, Prawns, Lobster, Lobster, Scallops,…. 


We made grilled the best meat brought from the best places. From Steak to Chops, Steak and Entrecote, Sirloin, Secrets and different cuts. All really delicious and perfect so that eating meat in Surfing is an experience.


In Surfing we have a rich variety of pizzas and pastas for lovers of Italian gastronomy. Traditional dishes with a touch of personality. Really delicious.

Of course you also can find Tapas and Starters with a selection of taste and variety Salads fresh and healthy Burgers made wiht the best meat and big dessert variety

Fun and Joy

And as we said before, joy and fun together with good vibes are signs of Surfing's identity. We love to have fun and enjoy each and every day. We love that you have a great time with us and we seem to have succeeded. Here we leave you a selection of videos and aftermovies of our youtube channel of days and days in Surfing. 


And the cooldest thing is have a good cocktail or a drink next to the beach

The perfect option for the afternoon / evening while you enjoy the atmosphere and the energy that our place gives off.

And for those who want to be on their own, we have Bottles of the best drinks and champagnes.