Los Caballos is one of those restaurants where you feel at home
for the treatment, the cozy atmosphere and the flavors and aromas of
traditional Mediterranean cuisine.

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We are characterized by the first quality product and excellent serviceWe believe in the product and we make the best of the best raw material. For this reason, every day we look for and receive fresh products.

Over time, our restaurant has become benchmark of good food and meeting point in La Manga for sharing good times with family, friends or colleagues over 30 years offering the best gastronomy.

Our dishes taste of tradition, knowledge and love

Open seasonally

From spring to autumn. Check opening dates.

We love to enjoy with you the months with better weather so that you can enjoy our terrace and so you can get us excited. During the winter we rest after an exhausting season and prepare everything to return to charge with charged batteries. 

Three moments of day

Enjoying the aperitif at Los Caballos is another level because we have numerous tapas and we are among friendsBeers, vermouths, wines and one tapa after another make the midday snack something special.

At the time of eating, our place acquires a special smell of embers and very special aromas. A close and familiar environment perfect to taste everything we offer. It is quite an experience.

Perfect magical nights to enjoy good food. With our decoration and lighting we achieve a warm and homely atmosphere that will make you feel at home and rich dishes on the table as always. 

Gastronomic offer

portada gastronimia

Our letter is the reflection of a classic Mediterranean cuisine with a touch of modernityOur specialty is grilled meat buthere you can also taste a wide variety of dishes among which you can find Paellas, the best Seafood, Fish, Rice, Stews, Pasta, Pizzas and a wide variety of Starters and Tapas.

Y por supuesto podrás acompañar nuestros platos con los mejores vinos.

We are specialists in Grilled Meat


Our great specialty is grilled meats. Top quality selected meats made at the moment by the best cooks. To your liking both in cut and prepared and of course with all the flavor. A real show.  


And if grilled meats are our specialty, rice dishes are not far behind. In Los Caballos you can taste the best rice dishes. Homemade rice dishes, cauldrons, authentic paellas, soupy rice dishes, with seafood ... Choose the one you like the most and get ready to enjoy it.


The freshest seafood comes to us every dayDirect from the best fish markets. You can see in our showcases the product of the day to choose what you like the most and we will prepare it to your liking. From the sea to the plate. Authentic taste of Los Caballos.


The best and freshest fish of the season and of the day prepared in the oven, grilled, fried, stews ... Perfect quality pieces with which our chefs do wonders. Seabass, Doradas, Emperor, Gallo Pedro,… Choose what you like the most and get ready to enjoy.


We are very tapas and it shows. We have a great variety of tapasTraditional tapas made in our style. Perfect to open your mouth or why not, enjoy a good tapas accompanied by some very cold beers. 


In an authentic restaurant you cannot miss the best spoon dishes . Rich lifelong stews, made like home, simmered and lovingly but with a touch of modernity and of course with a quality product.

Of course you also can find Salads with a selection of taste and variety Soups tasty and healthy Pasta and Pizzas and great variety of Vegan dishes.

Our wines

For everything to be perfect, the best wines cannot be missing. We have a wide selection of the best wines. Our sommelier will help you find and choose the best option to pair your meat, fish, seafood, tapas ... of course, according to your tastes. 

Family Atmosphere

The atmosphere of Los Caballos is a quality environment, perfect to spend good times enjoying good food with family, friends, as a couple and even alone. A pleasant, simple, close and warm atmosphere.

And so you can see for yourself here we leave you some videos from our youtube channel. 


And to be a benchmark in La Manga and give the best service, you have to form the best team with the best and in Los Caballos you will find the best team of professionals.

At Los Caballos we are a great family, we are passionate about what we do and it shows. Lovers of the profession. From the kitchen team to the living room team. 

Year after year, season after season we show it and if you don't believe it, you just have to come and check it out.